Beautiful Beginnings

Dance in early childhood makes for "Beautiful Beginnings"


Dancers in our Beautiful Beginnings program will smile, twirl, laugh and learn all while developing a love for dance. For girls and boys ages 15 months- 6 years of age. Classes are designed to promote gross motor skills, musicality, self-esteem, and listening skills as they discover the art of dance in an encouraging and nurturing environment. 











Beautiful Beginnings Class Descriptions


Ages 15 months-35 months

This class is designed for toddlers and their caregivers. Caregivers will participate in helping their toddler in activities and movement.  Toddlers will enhance gross motor coordination and listening skills through music, props, and dance. 



Ages 2 & 3

Our Tippy Toes class introduces even the smallest dancer to movement, music, imagination and creativity. Your little Prince or Princess will smile, laugh, and learn as the teachers lead them through fun activities that develop gross motor skills, a sense of rhythm, coordination and independence. This class is designed for children ready to gently separate from their parents.



Ages 3 & 4


These classes are designed for the young beginner. Students will recieve instruction in pre-ballet, tap, and pre-jazz instruction. Students will improve coordination,  motor skills,  and musicality while they gain self-esteem and muscle tone.



Ages 4 & 5

​Pre-ballet, tap, and pre-jazz skills continue to be taught at this level. Students will continue to improve coordination, motor skills, and musicality. 



Ages 5 & 6

These classes provide young dancers with an excellent foundation of pre-ballet, tap, and pre-jazz.  Students will begin to develop a sense of team work, while increasing their dance skills and vocabulary.



Ages 3-5


Our tiny tumble class introduces young students to basic acrobatic skills. Students will gain flexibility, balance, determintation and focus. 




Ages 4-6


This fun and upbeat class will introduce dancers to the urban dance style. Hip Hop age appropriate music is always used.  Students will experience the freedom of movement and develop rhythm, coordination, and confidence.









Ages 5-6


Our KidAcro class focuses on mastering basic tumbing skills. Students will develop flexibility, strength, and balance all while experiencing joy and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

Ages 5-6


These classes are designed for the young dancer who wants to study ballet. Dancers are provided with an outstanding foundation of ballet skills and vocabulary. Students will build self-confidence, discipline and muscle tone.

Ages 5-6


Our tablets classes focus on mastering basic tap skills. Students will focus on rhythm, precision, and musicality. Students will build a great sense of rhythm and coordination. 

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