Class Course Descriptions


Ballet is the foundation for all dance genres. Classes are designed to build strong technique that is essential to other dance forms. Students will be educated and challenged to continually grow and develop their technique. Ballet classes will also develop proper body alignment, strength, flexibility, grace, balance, poise, and musicality. As students become advanced, pointe work may be incorporated.


Pointe is offered to students by teacher reccomendation. Students must take a minimum of two ballet classes a week to be considered for pointe.


Jazz dance includes high energy classes that allow dancers to step outside their comfort zone.  Dancers learn leaps, turns, kicks, and jumps, as well as other jazz technique. In jazz classes, students learn to incorporate style to their movement and develop strength, stamina, and flexibility.


                                                      Hip Hop

                                                              Hip hop is an urban dance style that is done to hip hop music.                                                                           This is a fun and high enery dance form that has grown in popularity. 

                                                              Students explore the freedom of movement and develop rhythm,                                                                       coordination, and musicality. Age appropriate music is always selected                                                                 for every level.




Lyrical dance is a style of jazz dance that is combined with ballet. Lyrical encourages artistic expression and emotional content. The slow moving style helps students to devlop grace and fluidity of movement.


​Tap is a percussive form of dance using the feet, Tap shoes are worn to produce sound through movement. Classes focus on rhythm, precision and musicality. Students will develop coordination and a great sense of rhythm.

​Musical Theater​

Musical Theater is the dance style most notably seen on boradway. Dancers will learn to communicate characters and stories through dance choreography. Classes incorporate tap and jazz styles and focus on enhancing confidence and stage presence.




​                                                                    Acro combines classical dance with acrobatic moves.

                                                                    Acro teaches flexibility, strength, balance, muscle control,

                                                                    concentration and discipline.

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