Massachusetts Dance Academy offers classes for all ages and levels. 

Dance classes begin at 18 months old with Enchanted Be, and for students who are ready to begin gently separating from parents we offer Creative Movement classes.

Our Preschool and Kinderdance curriculum allows children to develop a love for dance with ballet, tap, and pre-jazz studies. Each introductory class sets the foundation for what each progression level is built upon.

From ages 6 through 18 we offer our classics program which offers many styles of dance to students who are just beginning dance or looking to contiunue their studies.

For the dancer who just can't get enough, we have our Intensive Programs. Intensive students compete in regional and national dance competitions.


Enchanted Beginnings

Ages 18-36 Months

This program introduces even the smallest dancer to movement, music, imagination and creativity. Students will smile, laugh, and learn as the teachers lead them through fun activities that develop gross motor skills, a sense of rhythm, coordination and independence. This class is designed to help parents gently separate from their parents.



Pre-School 1

Ages 3-4



​These classes are designed for the young beginner. Students will recieve instruction in pre-ballet, tap, and pre-jazz instruction. Students will improve coordination,  motor skills,  and musicality while they gain self-esteem and muscle tone.


Pre-School 2

Ages 4-5

​Pre-ballet, tap, and pre-jazz skills continue to be taught at this level. Students will continue to improve coordination, motor skills, and musicality. 


Ages 5-6

These classes provide young dancers with an excellent foundation of pre-ballet, tap, and pre-jazz.  Students will begin to develop a sense of team work, while increasing their dance  skills and vocabulary.


Ages 6-8

Danceworks classes offer instruction in ballet, tap and jazz dance. Students continue to increase their strength and coordination, and learn more challenging dance steps.


​Ages 8-12

These classes are desgined as an outlet for students who are just beginning dance or who wish to continue their studies. These classes may be combination classes where the student will be exposed to more than one dance form. Students will learn dance technique in a fun enviroment, and develop a sense of self-esteem, and teamwork, as they become confident in their abilities. Classes are offered in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, musical theater, and acro.

Teen Classics

Ages 13-19​

This is our classics program designed specifically for teens. The classes are fun for teens, and allow them to learn a variety of different dance forms. The classes are based on the level of the dancers, so whether students are just beginning dance or continuing their studies, we have classes for every teen.

Competition Teams


For the students who can't get enough of dance, we offer our competitive dance teams. We believe that dancers can benefit greatly through the competition experience. Dancers have greater performance oppurtunites through dance competitions, and are exposed to a wider dance community.  Dancers are taught the value of teamwork, self-discipine, dedication, confidence, time management, and respect for the art of dance. Auditions are required to be placed at this level. ​

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